Paperless Expense Reporting for Small Business & Enterprise

Save time managing your expenses with our easy to use expense management solution. Managing expenses becomes a streamlined and paperless process.

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Xpenditure provides the most efficient solution for expense management
to almost 100,000 users in more than 60 countries

  • Deloitte
  • Atlas Copco
  • Miele
  • Henkel
  • Renault
  • Pernod Ricard
  • Movenpick Hotels & Resorts
Here's how it works

Automate Your Complete Expense Management Flow

Xpenditure saves you time in every step of the process. Avoid manual input, avoid making mistakes, and move to paperless expense reporting.

Scan Receipts on the Go

Upload receipts with our mobile app or via email. Xpenditure scans the receipts and extracts all of the relevant data. You can also add extra information such as project, category.

Manage your Expenses

Use your online account to manage your expenses, cash advances and mileage tracking. Easily set up offices, branches and groups to reflect your company structure and to improve your expense policy.

Export to Software You Already Use

Integrate with popular business software, and export your expense and reimbursement reports in just a few clicks. Reports can be generated in XML, PDF, CSV, XLS or can be exported to your favorite accounting or ERP software.

Key Features That Streamline Your Expense Management Process

Receipt Scanning

Avoid manual input and errors. Xpenditure scans your receipts and extracts all data such as merchant name, amount and currency used.

Expense Rules & Alerts

Setup your expense policy and get notified when expenses aren’t compliant without going through endless expense reports.

Per Diem

Xpenditure takes away the guesswork out of T&E and automates Per Diem reporting.

Real Time Reporting & Approval

With Xpenditure, employees can submit expenses in real time so you can check what your company is spending at any time.

Accounting & ERP Integration

Easily connect Xpenditure with your existing accounting and ERP software you are already using. No IT assistance needed.

Mileage Tracking

Set up multiple mileage rates, and use the Xpenditure app track mileage via GPS.

Find Out How Xpenditure Helps SME’s, Teams and Enterprises

Xpenditure is used by thousands of companies in over 60 countries around the world. Our primary goal is to help our users to save a significant amount of time managing their expenses by eliminating the need of paper based expense reports.

  • Increase Productivity Across your Teams

    Expense management is a time suck, and many expense management processes are no longer fit for purpose. Xpenditure eliminates manual processes saving time across the entire company.

  • Simplify the Compliance Process

    Setup expense rules and alerts to ensure that expenses submitted are fully compliant with your expense policy.

  • Getting the Big Picture in a Matter of Seconds

    From the moment an expense is added to the point that it is sent to accounting, you’ll gain a real time overview of all expenses being incurred by employees.

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  • Submit Expenses On The Go

    Enabling employees to submit expenses while on the go saves everyone time, while also ensuring that the days of the end of month rush become a distant memory.

  • Remove the Bottlenecks

    Remove the need to go over and back with expense reports. Approve what’s right, decline what’s wrong, move on. Nothing gets stuck in the expense management process.

  • Integrate with Accounting, ERP and Bank Feeds

    Xpenditure integrates with all major banks and accounting software applications meaning that you can enjoy a seamless flow between the expense and your accounts.

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  • Never Lose a Receipt Again

    Forget about your receipts! Just take a picture of your receipts as you generate them and press submit. No need to worry about losing money on missing receipts.

  • Stay on Top of your Expenses

    Get a real-time overview of your expenses, at any time so you are fully aware of how much you are spending on which projects & clients.

  • Save Time on Administration

    Save time managing your expenses. With Xpenditure there are simply no excuses not to do them in real time. Say goodbye to managing expenses on your time.

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