We Believe in Innovation & Technology.

We work everyday to deliver the most innovative and user-friendly platforms to help companies streamline and automate their travel and expense processes.

Meet Xpenditure

An enthusiastic team of 230 people dedicated to revolutionising travel and expenses within corporation by offering cutting-edge technology and mobile solutions.

After several years committed to helping companies streamline their expense processes and reinventing expense management, we have decided to join forces with Sodexo, the leader in employees' quality of life and iAlbatros, the most innovative company for corporate travel management. This new union allows us to offer more services to companies and bring innovation to the world of corporate travel. Our goal is to automate manual and offline processes for companies and offer effortless business travels and expense.

65Countries worldwide

Leaders with passion

Our management board consists of teams from Sodexo, iAlbatros and Xpenditure. Unique professionals with different backgrounds but all obsessed with innovation.

Boris was involved in commercialization of the first Internet solutions in the early 90ties. His passion has always been making high tech products marketable toward B2B markets. Boris commercialized and managed several succesfull internet startups last years. Now he is co-founder and CEO of Xpenditure NV.

Boris BogaertChief Operating Officer

After business studies in Economics, Marketing and finance, Wim started working in small upcoming and sales driven companies like Spacechecker and Netlog. Wim co-founded Xpenditure in March 2011 and took the role of CCO. He also represents the Board of Directors as chairman.

Wim DerkinderenChief Commercial Officer

Sebastien MarchonChief Executive Officer

Didier DumontPresident

Moncef KhanfirChief Innovation & Technology Officer

Anna KołodziejczykChief Human Resource Officer

Koen is an entrepreneur with a background in marketing and innovation trends. He started at LUON, communication agency, where he was responsible for qualitative research projects. In 2006 he co-founded The Fifth Conference, an innovation network based on visionary content. In August 2011 he joined Xpenditure to manage the Xpenditure product and partner strategy.

Koen ChristiaensChief Product Officer

Noël RauchChief Financial Officer

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What drives us?

We strive to deliver the best possible service through the most technologically advanced solutions and we rely on these values to make it happen.

Customer Success

Making our customers successful is a founding principle of Xpenditure. Our goal is to understand our customers' needs better than our customers themselves.


As an organisation, we are strong believers in mutual trust. Our team members operate in full transparency and with full confidence that they have our customers' best interest at heart.


Time represents an integral element of our values. We are mindful of others' time while we continuously strive to help our users to claim back their time.


We put passion in everything we do. From building a team to creating and developing our products and services. This helps us to continuously challenge ourselves and improve in what we do.


We live and breathe innovation. Our technology first approach ensures that we continue to raise the bar when it comes to offering a market leading solutions.


We leave our egos at the door. What we deliver is delivered as a team, with all of us contributing together. Everyone has a part to play, and we celebrate success together.