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Scan your receipts and manage all your expenses with Xpenditure without a hassle.

Xpenditure streamlines the process of capturing, managing and approving of all your business expenses, and it eliminates hours of work by exporting expense data directly into your account. No more hassle, no more errors!

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Manage your expenses on the fly and start saving time and money

If you are spending too much time on managing expenses and expense reports Xpenditure offers a number of significant advantages.

Scan Receipts on the Go

Paper receipts, e-receipts and mileage tracking. Xpenditure offers an easy way to keep track of all these expenses.

  • Scan receipts on the go. No more lost receipts, no more manual input!
  • Forward your e-receipts directly to your Xpenditure account. The easiest way to deal with digital receipts.
  • Connect your Dropbox account and drop your receipts into your Xpenditure folder.

It takes about 2 minutes for Xpenditure to scan & extract all relevant data such as merchant name, amount, date and even currency used.

Scan Receipts and Expenses on the go

Manage Your Expenses

Use your online account to manage your expenses. Set up expense rules and alerts that fit your needs.

  • Add categories and projects to get a clear view on the money you’ve spent.
  • Use your own custom fields and use them in your expense reports
  • Use various mileage rates. Whenever you add a new mileage expense you can choose at which rate.
  • Duplicate expenses will be flagged by Xpenditure, so no need to go over them manually.
  • Create a trip in Xpenditure and all expenses within that date range will be linked to your trip.
Manage Expenses in Your Online Account

Real-time Reporting

Get real-time expense insights at any given time.

  • Never lose track of your budgets again. With real-time expense reports you know exactly what you’ve spent and on what you’ve spent it.
  • Use the built-in filters to generate reports on the fly and to get an overview of your expenses per project, category or even payment method used.
  • Connect your accounting software and easily send your expenses to accounting. You can also invite your accountant to manage your expenses on your behalf.
Export Expenses to Popular Accounting Software

Saves Time

Saving you time is one of the key drivers we have here at Xpenditure. The days of stuffing receipts in an envelope or drawer to be processed in a weekend are gone.

A quick photo and you are pretty much done.

Increase Your Productivity

Now that you can manage your expenses on the go, any dead time can be easily filled with a few quick photos of your receipts.

Our integrations with most leading accounting software applications helps ensure that you do not need to duplicate effort by re inputting data afterwards.

Reduce Your Risk

The risk of losing receipts is reduced drastically with Xpenditure. The pain that led to you batching receipts once a quarter is no longer there.

Taking a picture of a receipt takes mere seconds - meaning you’ve no excuse not to do so on a more regular basis.

Receipt Scanner App

Keep your Accountant Happy

Given Xpenditure integrates with most leading accounting software applications you can ensure that all the manual work is removed.

Not only are you benefiting, but your accountant will be very happy that the annual chore of processing your expenses becomes a thing of the past!

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