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In our free white paper you will learn how you can change behaviour using incentives, how to get a greater visibility on spend and how to leverage the power of e-receipts.

In our free white paper you will learn how cloud based expense management works, the true cost of Excel & paper based solutions and the things to consider when evaluating your options.

In our free case study you will learn how to manage the transition smoothly, insights of what a real life deployment looks like and the main drivers behind Miele’s decision to change to a new approach.

This checklist will help guide you to decide which expense management software solution is right for your business.

This White Paper will help you learn which of your business expenses are eligible for a reclaim, and the things you need to keep in mind when preparing to lodge a VAT reclaim.

In our free white paper you will learn the key drivers behind the growth of cloud based solutions and how to embrace the emerging ecosystem with confidence.

We speak with Endeavor Brasil's CFO Cassiano Souza about the challenges and highlights of working in and with high-growth businesses, how to put processes in place early on to scale, and how Xpenditure has helped them with this.

Thanks to Xpenditure, Deloitte employees now digitally submit their expenses in real-time. Preventing unnecessary spikes in workload and a whole of unwanted stress within the organisation.

We speak with Brussel Airlines’ CFO about the complexity of managing expenses for his global workforce, the challenge of compliancy rules, and how working with Xpenditure’s innovative technology has solved this.

We chat with Robert Jan De Laive, CFO of The Next Web, about how automating the expense process with Xpenditure has saved time and prevented fraud and forgetfulness across his offices worldwide.