Connect Xpenditure to Evernote

You can now use Evernote to send expenses to your Xpenditure account. Just connect Evernote to Xpenditure, and put your digital receipts in your Xpenditure Inbox folder.

Xpenditure streamlines the process of capturing, managing and approving of all your business expenses, and it eliminates hours of work by importing receipts directly from your Evernote account. No more hassle, no more errors!

Evernote users can try Xpenditure for free for 14 days!

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Add receipts using Evernote

Add receipts using Evernote. Xpenditure will collect the receipts, read out all data and create an expense in your Xpenditure account.

Manage your Expenses

Access and manage your expenses via your online account. Use simple but intelligent tools to get more insights into your expenses

Easy reporting and exporting tools

Generate expense and reimbursement reports in just a few clicks and export your expenses to PDF, CSV or your favorite accounting and ERP software.

I had a look at all the alternatives (Receipt Bank, Keebo & Expense Magic) and Xpenditure seemed to be the most intuitive & straightforward to use - as well as being the least expensive solution!

Jonathan Baillie Strong – Community Development Manager at SoftLayer

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