Kill expense reports.
Increase productivity.

We design expense management platforms to help you save time, money and make your employees happy.

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87% less processing time, 81% less processing costs

Expense reports are inefficient. They cost your company time and money. Xpenditure conducted a full year research to find the most efficient, frustration-free and cost effective expense management process. The result was simple, kill the expense reports and introduce:

Real-time technologies

Easy to use platforms

Automated processes

Your expenses on the go

Stop waiting to do your expenses. Get the Xpenditure app and embrace real-time expense management. Snap a picture of your receipts, track your mileage with Google Maps, get your details for per diems automatically calculated and much more.

Approve and control anywhere,
at anytime

Approve and control your team's expenses with a few swipes directly from your Xpenditure app. Open to view the details and out of policy warnings, swipe right to approve or left to reject.

Real-time insights

Get insights on your company’s spending and expense as soon as the receipts are uploaded., Real-time overview, expense activity tracking and reports with all the information you need.

Most loved features

OCR Scanning

Avoid manual input and errors. OCR scanning extracts automatically all the relevant data. Merchant, date, currency, amount.

Per diems Automation

Take the guess out of per-diems calculation; simply enter your trip details in Xpenditure and your per-diems will be automatically calculated.

Duplicate Recognition

Receipts scanned more than once? Xpenditure automatically detects duplicates across the entire platform and warns the user and the approvers.

Audit Trial

All tickets activities are logged and timestamped in the activity overview for more control and transparency.

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All platforms integrated

Integrate Xpenditure with your ERP system or accounting software for a seamless flow. Learn more about integrations.


Enter the world of MAYA, the new travel platform by Xpenditure. A unique booking experience for more enjoyable business trips. The cutting-edge technologies will streamline and automate all your processes.


You can enjoy all of Xpenditure’s features as an accountant. Get all your clients in one platform and follow all their spending and expenses from one dashboard and send them automatically to your accounting software.

Your security is our priority

Xpenditure is a European company based in Belgium. All our security measures meet the strictest worldwide standards and are recognised by the highest authorities.

ISO 9001 Quality Management
ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management
Private Cloud
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