We believe in strong partnerships

  • Distinguish your company by offering a unique service.
  • Integration with accountancy, payroll and payment cards.
  • Innovative web-based and mobile application.
  • Co-branding and white-labeled solutions.
Let's Innovate

Create added value by bundling Xpenditure with your products & services

The web and mobile application of Xpenditure is an innovative approach to expense management. We combine the best of both worlds - our technology and your branding.

Custom Branding Solutions

We already launched several branded expense management solutions for some players in the banking, accounting and HRM industries using Xpenditure technology. These partners now offer an inexpensive and easy to use solution to their customers that adds value to their current product portfolio.

Integrate with payroll service providers

Together with payroll service providers, we have built a unique way to reimburse expenses. Their customers use Xpenditure to capture and manage expenses, which are processed automatically to be reimbursed on their salary slips.

Matching transactions with bank and credit card issuers

Thanks to additional details such as projects, branches (or offices) and spend categories you can obtain a high level overview of your client company’s spending. This data can help inform average spending levels as well as help you have greater visibility of cash flows.

Integration with any accounting and ERP solutions

Given that Xpenditure integrates with most major accounting systems, as well as 1000’s of major financial service providers the days of re inputting data or matching expenses with transactions on statements becomes a thing of the past.

We've already launched partnerships with these brands

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