Looking for an easy to use expense solution for you and your clients?

Manage your clients expenses in real time with Xpenditure. Save time and resources by automating the expense management process.

Xpenditure eliminates the need to manually input expenses saving both you and your clients countless hours so you can focus on more pressing tasks.

Xpenditure is an expense management solution that is designed to save everyone associated with expense management time managing their expenses. Including you, their accountant!

Invite your Clients

With Xpenditure for Accountants you can easily invite your clients to start using Xpenditure.

They can then access a free trial version of Xpenditure giving them full access to the leading expense management solution.

Start offering your clients a tool that removes all the manual input related to managing expenses today.

Client Dashboard: Real time overview of Client Expenses

Real-time Reporting

Once your clients accept your invite and they start submitting receipts you will gain real time access to their expenses.

The receipt data is read after they take a picture of any receipt, and is available immediately via the dashboard, enabling you to view their expense activity as it occurs.

Access & Manage your Client's Expenses and Receipts

Add Value

From your dashboard you can now review your client’s data and perform a number of tasks including:

  • Integrate Xpenditure with most leading accounting software applications
  • Generate a range of accounting reports via a single click
  • Provide insights based on findings from the real-time data
Integrate our expense management tool with popular accounting software

Saves Time

Saving you time is one of the key drivers we have here at Xpenditure. The days of stuffing receipts in an envelope or drawer to be processed on a weekend are gone. A quick photo and you are pretty much done.

Smoother submissions

Now that clients don’t batch receipts any more your workload can be more balanced as spikes around month ends are no longer the norm. It also means that any queries can be raised as they occur ensuring expenses are closed off in a much shorter time frame.

Provide insights

Thanks to additional details such as projects, branches (or offices) and spend categories you can obtain a high level overview of your client company’s spending. This data can help inform average spending levels as well as help you have greater visibility of cash flows.

Provide Expense Insights to your clients

Eliminate paper processes

Given than Xpenditure integrates with most major accounting systems, as well as 1000’s of major financial service providers the days of re inputting data or matching expenses with transactions on statements becomes a thing of the past.

And much more integrations... View all integrations

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