Get a real time overview of your business expenses

With Xpenditure you can increase your employees’ productivity, take control of business expenses and move to paperless expense reports.

Eliminate the hidden costs associated with legacy expense management solutions

With Xpenditure you can increase your employees’ productivity, take control of business expenses and move to paperless expense reports.

Digitise Receipts on the Go

Paper receipts, e-receipts and mileage tracking. Xpenditure offers an easy way to keep track of all these expenses.

  • Use the mobile app on the go and snap a picture whenever you get a receipt. No more lost receipts, no more manual input!
  • Forward your e-receipts and send them to your Xpenditure account. The easiest way to deal with digital receipts.
  • Use the app to track your mileage expenses by using Goole Maps technology.

Forget about Excel sheets, forget about typing over any data.

Employees scan receipts and expenses and send them for approval in real-time

Manage Expenses in Real Time

For those working in finance teams where legacy (or manual) expense processes are in place the pain many feel when it comes to managing expenses is very real.

  • No more manual input means less errors are made when using our solution.
  • Set up custom fields to add any additional data you want to keep track of.
  • Administrators obtain real time access to receipts as they are submitted.
  • Expenses can be approved in real-time and on an expense by expense basis.
  • Rules and Alerts can easily be set up to strengthen your expense policy.

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Manage Expenses in Real Time

Integrate with Ease

Connect Xpenditure with Accounting and ERP software you already use.

  • Setting up Xpenditure across all departments and branches can be achieved in no-time. Businesses love our multi language interface.
  • Our solution also integrates with all major accounting and ERP systems as well as 1000’s of financial institutions around the world.
  • Our API makes it possible to integrate with any system. Our engineers are ready to assist you where needed.
Integrate with ERP and HR software you already use

Delivers Strong ROI Benefits

One of the most compelling elements of modern SaaS expense management solutions is that the return on investment is considerable.

By stripping out the manual elements of expense management we significantly reduce the time needed managing expenses. Less time = greater savings.

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Expense management software with strong ROI benefits

Access Real-Time Data

Finance teams, approvers and controllers have access to all expenses in real time, wherever they are based. Faster approvals means faster reimbursement, and happier employees.

Accessing expense data in real time also helps with everything from budgeting, to cash planning, to fraud detection.

Easy to roll out

Xpenditure relies on employee's mobile devices to capture core receipt data which gets pushed into the online platform.

There is no major software deployments to worry about, and save for customised requirements the application is up and running in no time.

Expense software that is easy to roll out

Provides Actionable insights

Aggregating data in an easily digestible format helps administrators to act more strategically. The focus moves from managing the process, to providing added value from insights.

The application also offers a number of reports as well as integrations into most leading accounting software applications.

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World Class Support

Finally, our dedicated customer success team is right at your side whenever you might need some help and is able to assist you in over 5 different languages.

They are simply a call away and are only too willing to help your company resolve any issues as soon as they can.

Xpenditure offers you world class support