Spend less time on expense management and move to paperless expense reports

Manage your expenses on the fly and start saving time and money.

Start managing your business expenses efficiently and claim back your time

Try Xpenditure - a leading expense management solution designed to help your team save time managing their expenses?

Scan Receipts

Employees use their phone to take a picture of their receipts. Uploading receipts into the Xpenditure application is easy, as users can either:

  • Email the image directly to receipts@xpenditure.com
  • Use the app to take the picture so it uploads automatically
  • All relevant data is extracted and custom fields can be added easily for more powerful expense reporting options.

Xpenditure is also capable of tracking mileage and time.

The easiest way to digitize receipts and expenses

Manage Your Expenses

As a controller or approver, you will now have immediate access to uploaded receipts via your online dashboard.

  • All of the key receipt data is extracted automatically. No more manual input needed.
  • Review expenses in real time.
  • Duplicate expenses will be flagged. Integrated bank feeds can detect missing receipts as well.
  • Set up rules and alerts to strengthen your company's expense policy.
  • It is also easy to flag duplicate expenses or to automatically compare bank statements to expenses generated.
Manage, control and approval of expenses in your online account

Real-time Overview

Get real-time expense insights at any given time.

  • Reimburse your employees faster
  • The best analysis and reporting tools available, and tight integration with the applications you already use.
  • World class support to get your team up and running in no time
Real time overview of all employee expenses

Easy to Use Tool

The solution is intuitive and designed to reduce the manual work involved by everyone in your company from employees to accounts.

You can get up and running with Xpenditure in no time.

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Intelligent Expense Reports for your Company

Access Real Time Data

Receipt uploaded by employees are available in real time. Improve adherence to your company’s expense policy.

Set up expense rules and alerts that warn you whenever an expense is submitted that isn’t compliant with your policy.

Seamless Integrations with Accounting Software and Financial Institutions

Xpenditure works with the tools you already use, integrating with all major online accounting and productivity applications, as well as thousands of financial services institutions.

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Get insights in your expenses

Get smart insights in real time via reports. Know what your team is spending at any time. Access real time expense data to review and spot irregularities

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