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MAYA - an ingenious travel experience designed and developed by and for the next-gen business travelers.

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User-friendly platform, automated policy controls

Give employees a platform they will love to use while you keep control of travel spending - it’s possible. With MAYA, your teams will book all their trips in one easy and cool platform while all your travel policies are automatically enforced.

Enjoyable booking experience

Controlled travel spending

Actionable insights

An innovative booking experience

Flights, hotels, trains, cars, multi-destinations ... Book every aspect of your trip in one intelligent platform - all in under 3 min. See all possible options, filter and find the best deals - from premium to low cost.

Travel policies and approval flows

An extensive built-in rule engine allows you to configure the most complex travel policies and workflow. Get all your processes automated to lower your company’s travel costs and change behaviors.

Expense flow integrated

MAYA fully integrates with Xpenditure. A seamless flow from booking to expense reimbursement. A trip booked with MAYA is automatically created in Xpenditure to give you an overview of the total cost of each trip from flight to coffee.

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Most loved features

The best rates and your negotiated fares

MAYA gives you access to the best prices available. Integrates your own negotiated rates and preferred suppliers for personalized results.

Real-time analysis of all travel costs

Stay on top of things with our travel and expense reporting suite. Real-time reports and analysis of your company’s travel spendings and behaviors for a proactive approach.

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