Connect Xpenditure to VAT IT

You can easily send all your expenses from Xpenditure to VAT IT without a hassle.

Xpenditure is a real time expense management solution that helps you save time managing your expenses.

Xpenditure has reinvented the entire expense management process by focusing on digitizing receipts and eliminating the need for expense reports.

By integrating with VAT IT, Xpenditure offers automated VAT recovery on all expense data captured on it’s systems.

VAT IT users can try Xpenditure for free for 30 days!

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Scan and Digitize Receipts

Digitize your receipts using a mobile phone, webcam or email. All data will be extracted, so you'll never have to type over receipts again.

Manage your Expenses

Access and manage your expenses via your online account. Use simple but intelligent tools to get more insights into your expenses.

Reclaim your VAT

On average, VAT IT can reclaim 20% of your business travel expenses.

We want to offer our clients a total and integrated solution, but VAT is very complex in Europe. The partnership with Xpenditure unlocks natural synergies for clients, providing a complete expense management flow with a full reporting function, including VAT reports.

Brendon Silver, European Managing Director VAT IT

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